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As vaccination program rollouts gather momentum in certain countries, the resumption of regular international travel is no longer an abstract hope.

The latest results from the Henley Passport Index — the original ranking of all the world’s passports according to the number of destinations their holders can access without a prior visa — provide exclusive insight into what post-pandemic travel freedom might look like as countries around the world selectively begin to open their borders to international visitors.

As the Covid-19 curtain begins to lift, Japanese passport holders will be the most welcome in the world, now…

In response to the unprecedented and rising global demand among affluent investors for residence- and citizenship-by-investment (RCBI) programs as a means to overcome the limitations and risks of being restricted to a single residence, Deep Knowledge Analytics (DKA) and Henley & Partners have launched the Investment Migration Programs Health Risk Assessment.

This collaboration between DKA, a DeepTech focused agency that produces advanced analytics using sophisticated technology to deliver insightful market intelligence and pragmatic forecasting, and Henley & Partners, the global leader in residence and citizenship planning, draws on three sets of data: DKA’s Covid-19 Regional Safety Assessment and Henley &…

Malta, Austria, and Portugal are home to the world’s best investment migration programs, according to the newly-released Investment Migration Programs 2021.

Now in its 6th edition, the annual publication provides a systematic analysis and comprehensive benchmarking of the world’s most notable investment migration programs by a panel of independent experts who consider a broad range of factors.

The global pandemic has driven demand for investment migration to new heights, with the industry rapidly moving from niche to mainstream. This year’s Investment Migration Programs 2021 features an extensive list of residence- and citizenship-by-investment programs and has been designed with the high-net-worth investor in mind, providing clear, current, and trustworthy advice.

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Dr. Juerg Steffen, CEO of Henley & Partners and author of definitive books on high-net-worth relocation to Austria and Switzerland

The volatility driven by Covid-19 has pushed the steadily growing appeal of investment migration seen over the past two decades into overdrive. While the surge in interest shown by citizens of emerging economies and politically precarious states is somewhat predictable, the big game-changer, accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic, has been the exponential spike in interest from nationals of highly developed countries — and in particular Canada, the UK, and the US.

During the height of the initial lockdown, in the…

Greg Lindsay, Director of Applied Research at NewCities

If 2020 was anything to go by we are likely to see an even more dramatic global shakeup in the league tables of choice destinations in 2021. In late November as the pandemic’s second wave crashed across the global north, Bloomberg unveiled its Covid Resilience Ranking of “the best and worst places to be in the coronavirus era”. The index formally acknowledged what 2020 had made abundantly clear to the world’s upwardly mobile: Advanced economies such as the UK and the US had been repeatedly overwhelmed by infections. Meanwhile, other countries —…

Dr. Robert Mogielnicki, Senior Resident Scholar at the Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington

Pragmatic dialogue between key Middle Eastern stakeholders and a renewed focus on enhancing quality of life present reasons for optimism. However, global coronavirus-related concerns continue to weigh heavily on the region.

A desire for dialogue

New talks in April between major powers in the Middle East signaled a potential thaw in regional tensions. After years of simmering friction, the foreign ministers of Egypt and Turkey expressed a mutual desire for dialogue and stronger bilateral relations, during a phone call. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabian and Iranian officials reportedly held a diplomatic meeting…

Oriel Morrison, one of Asia’s most well-known business journalists and the founder of Kaida Corp

Australia and New Zealand have been hugely proficient in containing the spread of Covid-19, largely because doors to the island nations were slammed shut early in the pandemic. But the slow pace of vaccinations and the spread of the highly transmissible Delta variant are overshadowing their earlier success. Both countries depend highly on immigration, trade, and global populations, putting their governments under pressure to find ways of opening up.

A positive economic outlook for the island nations

Look for good news on the economic front, and you will find it. After a sluggish…

Dr. Hannah White OBE, Deputy Director of the Institute for Government in London.

A return to mass tourism to or from the UK is unlikely for the foreseeable future — with international travel limited to essential business, educational and family traffic. As the UK government assesses the global impact of new, more transmissible Covid-19 variants, migration to and from the UK is being governed by a traffic light system. …

Annie Pforzheimer, retired career diplomat with the personal rank of Minister Counselor from the Department of State, a Senior Non-Resident Associate at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, a Global Fellow at the Woodrow Wilson Center, an Adjunct Professor at the City University of New York, and a public commentator and consultant on foreign policy issues.

Successful vaccination rollouts in the USA are allowing some travel restrictions gradually to lift — a positive sign for the tourism and education sectors. Canada and the USA are ramping up efforts to attract and…

Prof. Simone Bertoli, Professor of Economics at Université Clermont Auvergne (CERDI) in France and a Research Fellow at the Institute of Labor Economics in Germany.

Cross-border mobility is likely to gain momentum in the coming months, but it will certainly remain far below the levels experienced before 2020. Covid will remain endemic, which will have a long-lasting negative impact on travel.

Successful vaccination program sees a change in sentiment

European countries have abruptly U-turned during the past few months (and even weeks) in terms of how they perceive the progress of their vaccination campaigns. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced plans for 70% of the EU’s…

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